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Diasporas :
"people who would want to explore the meaning of the hyphen ...”.
Vijay Mishra, The Diasporic Imaginary and the Indian Diaspora

Pioneer Histories

Indian migration to Malaysia is a complex history.  It is a history that is currently being written.  Over the last decade, significant research is being done on the experience of Indian migration to Malaysia.  Some attention is also being paid to the post-independence profile of Indian-Malaysians.  But as yet, there is very little research on the Malaysian-Malayalee community. Our aim here is to enable the Malayalee community to engage in conversation with us on the early histories of migration and settlement in Malaysia.  We recognize that Malayalees played a significant role in industry, plantation, education, church, law, Arts and administration sectors, to name a few. Many of these histories remain untold. It is the aim of this project to tell these stories.

We invite your input in tracking and creating profiles of pioneers who contributed to Malaysian society. 

If you have a pioneering story to tell, please send us an email with your story attached.



Stories of Migration: Writing the Self

Writing the Self is a way of mapping the journeys we have encountered through using the discourses available to us through language.   Stories of Migration help us to connect to the past while at the same time retrieving from that past, meaning for the present.  The experiences of our parents, grand-parents in their experience of migrating to Malaysia is important in helping us shape our understanding of our present achievements in the light of the pioneering travails and challenges of the early migrants.  Embedded in their sweat, their investment,  their sacrifice and their intellectual and moral capacity, is the kernel of the promises of the future we have inherited. 

We invite you to share these stories by writing your histories, your family experiences, your recollections and developmental experiences that are tied to the narratives of your pioneering ancestors in this land.  


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"I am nobody or I am a nation"
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This site is a work-in-progress for the Malaysian-Malayalee diaspora.  The researchers are Malayalees who would like to create a space for Malaysian-born Malayalees to trace their heritage and assess their contributions to society.  This site welcomes anyone who is interested in a dialogue about identity in the 21st century.  It invites input from Malayalees across the globe as well as other interested parties. 

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